Why You Need to Hire an SEO Consultant

There used to be a time when Search Engine Optimization was simple enough that anyone could do it with a bit of research and dedication.

These days, when the competition has increased tenfold, search engine optimization practices evolve by day if not by the hour, and rules constantly keep changing, hiring a who keeps up with all these changes is a must if you want to ensure your business maintains search engine visibility. Here are the main reasons why hiring an SEO consultant is a worthy investment:

SEO Specialists Know the Fine Print

If you think the worst that could happen with poor SEO is not ranking high, think again. Search engines, notably Google, reward complicated white-hat SEO techniques and punish black-hat SEO techniques. Essentially, search engines penalize for trying to hack the algorithm through duplicate content, , keyword overstuffing, etc. Even minor infractions can result in your website dropping in ranking and losing traffic.

Professional SEO experts not only know all the rules, but they also keep up with the changes in the rules and continuously test the SEO techniques they plan to implement to see which ones work best in the ever-changing world of search engine optimization.

SEO Specialists Have the Right Tools

With SEO becoming as sophisticated as today, it shouldn’t be surprising that implementing correct SEO techniques requires the right tools and strategies.

While learning the basic principles may give you the right idea about how SEO works, keywords and don’t even scratch the surface of the long list of SEO that must be checked off for the website to rank high.

SEO experts have access to the 1) professional tools they use to test various techniques to seek the best ones; 2) constant access to the data; 3) experience to adapt to the SEO practice changes to implement the results garnered from those tools and data in the most optimal way.

SEO Specialists Know Where to Focus

Even if you garner access to the same tools and data professional SEO experts have, you aren’t very likely to utilize them as effectively as they can.

Take Google Analytics, for example. What good would seeing your bounce rate do if you cannot understand its proper purpose, how it compares to other websites’ rates in your niche, or what tactics would work best to decrease it?

Advanced analysis is required for good SEO practice. It lets you know why every piece of content you post on your website ranks as it does. But you can’t do much to utilize it without understanding 1) what each piece of data indicates; 2) how to act upon it.

SEO experts do.

SEO Specialists Save You Money (in the Long Run)

Poor SEO practices cost money. Poor SEO means you don’t rank as well as you could, get as much traffic as possible, and don’t make as much money.

The difficulty of good SEO practice lies in intricacies.

It’s in understanding that keywords are essential for optimizing but can hardly help if your content isn’t optimized for search queries and relies on keyword stuffing. It’s the knowledge that requires careful and precise usage because improper practices will get penalized. Finally, it’s in understanding that SEO constantly evolving means there needs to be someone who can continuously adjust the content to maintain the ranking.

SEO specialists understand how keywords interact with each other and search queries. They know how to balance Google rules and guidelines to create content that generates links and understand the “link equity” (i.e., how each link affects site ranking).

Having a dedicated SEO consultant means ranking higher and getting more traffic faster, i.e., generating more income more quickly, with less investment than you could’ve lost due to poor SEO practices.


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