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    What is Local SEO?

    Running a business is exciting. There’s a new challenge or adventure every single day, it seems.

    Marketing duties can get lost in the mix between managing employees, running the daily operations, and planning for the future.

    You may find yourself in need of a local SEO specialist.

    What is local SEO, you may wonder?

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is a group of strategies designed to improve your chances of being discovered by potential customers. Traditional help your business rank high in search engine results.

    Local SEO takes it one step further. With , your business will appear more consistently near the top of internet search results done by people in your area.

    Why Local SEO is Important

    Your website and social media are two crucial avenues for curating an image for your business – the one you want people to have. Local business SEO offers the opportunity to present more than the primary contact info (address, phone, hours of operation) to online customers.

    With the help of a local SEO agency that knows your business and the area well, you can create helpful, entertaining content on your website that draws people in, not just when they need your services but anytime they need an expert opinion or a bit of advice.

    Local SEO services can improve your business in several ways:

    • First, it results in more local reviews. New customers rely on reviews more than ever when choosing a company to work with.
    • Higher search engine traffic. Basic probability says the more people you reach with advertising, the more business you will have.
    • It’s less expensive than other advertising methods. In addition, SEO is more intuitive and naturally reaches customers who are already interested in the services or products you offer.
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    Local SEO Strategies

    SEO for local business owners has the singular goal of increasing leads.

    Here are the main things local SEO includes to achieve this goal:

    1. Traditional SEO for your website – A specialist revises your website to ensure it ranks high in search engine results.
    2.  Claim and complete your Google My Business site – GMB is a powerful FREE tool.
    3.  Streamline your website – Your website needs to be easy to use, or customers will get frustrated and look elsewhere for information.
    4.  Add a contact form – A ‘contact us’ form on your home page will capture more leads than you think.
    5.  Project a cohesive brand – It has become more critical in recent years for businesses of all sizes to have a brand that covers everything from their logo to the tone of the content on their website.
    6.  Create helpful, informative content – When your web page becomes a source of accurate information and advice, customers come to trust you even before they have hired you.
    7.  Manage customer reviews – Making reviews visible in the interest of transparency and responding to positive and negative reviews can make your business appear reliable and honest.

    Cost of Local SEO

    Local SEO companies will have different rates depending on where you live and the level of expertise they bring to the table, so the information in this section is general.

    Contact us to get a more accurate estimate, and we’ll provide one at no cost to you.

    The price of our local SEO services depends on the type of services you request. Your business may need one-time services, monthly services, or both. Our representatives do a great job of explaining the differences between these packages.

    Here are a few distinctions between each:

    One-time Local SEO

    • Will cost anywhere from $800, depending on the size of your business and the amount of work to be done.
    • Includes analysis of your business and web presence, local market research, keyword research, upgrades to the customer side of your website, Google My Business page and , social media, and more.

    Ongoing Local SEO Services

    • Paid monthly, with a national average of $1000/mo.
    • Includes , keyword optimization, content writing and revision, social media supervision, and
    • Up-to-date research about the local market as well as your competitors.

    Choose Us for Local SEO Services

    We’re the local SEO solution for you. We offer local SEO packages to suit every business’s needs and budget.

    Our services offer all of the following:

    • A steady stream of leads. Continuous business leads mean continued growth for your business.
    • Better conversion rates. We turn leads into new business!
    • A way to reach more mobile users. The vast majority of your customers are using their phones to search the internet. So, in addition to optimizing your website for local customers, we’ll also ensure it is suited for mobile screens.

    Aside from the obvious benefits for your business, hiring a local SEO company may result in unexpected benefits, like positive relationships with nearby businesses. In addition, being linked to companies with similar brands or complementary services can improve your image even more in the eyes of potential clients.  

    Find out how local SEO can benefit your company. Talk with one of our experts today!


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